Mood Disorders are Common but Treatment Options Vary

Treatment Options for Mood Disorders Mood swings, we all experience them on occasion. The key is to know, without a shadow of a doubt, that what you are experiencing are actually mood swings and not mood disorders. There is a big difference between the two. While one may require a simple change of scenery or [...]

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Can Coffee Rev Up Your Workout?

See my New York Times letter commenting on the effects of caffeine on exercise! Your inherent (genetically coded) rate of metabolizing caffeine has an influence on its effect on exercise.  That rate is determined by how rapidly or slowly working the enzyme is that processes caffeine.  The particular enzyme responsible is known as CYP4501A2 (catchy [...]

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Treatment for Excessive Worry

Dr. Neal Ranen, M.D. Offers Anxiety Treatment in Baltimore Fear serves as a filter that assists in the recognition of danger. It heightens the reflexes and increases mental alertness. The fear response was particularly important in the early days of humankind when there was a need to be vigilant for mortal threats, such as suddenly [...]

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Effective Management of ADHD

Resume Normalcy in Life with ADHD Management Living with ADHD presents a set of challenges that are difficult for many to understand. This is particularly so if you haven’t personally experienced the symptoms and circumstances surrounding the condition. Parents, students, instructors, professionals, athletes and people from many other walks of life live with ADHD each [...]

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Holidays Cause Social Anxiety to Surface

Dealing With Anxiety During the Holidays The holiday season is accompanied by many emotions and expectations. Gifting, family gatherings, office parties, school programs, social events and more are at an all-time high during this time of year. It is quite common for social butterflies to surface and make a grand attempt to attend almost every [...]

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Using Genetic Testing for Psychiatric Medication Selection

Genetic Testing for Psychiatric Medication in Baltimore I am a big fan of genetic testing and frequently utilize it in my practice. It allows for your unique genetic profile to be considered in medication decision-making. The DNA testing of relevant genes reveals how your body processes medication, and how well various medications may work for [...]

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Antidepressants Work!

Despite publications and media attention to the contrary, those of us in clinical practice, as well as our patients, have no doubt that antidepressants work. Confusion may arise because of the nature of FDA Registration clinical trials and what they are designed to achieve, and the placebo effect. Now, a large-scale analysis, published in the [...]

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New Antidepressant

A new medication, vilazodone, has been approved by the FDA for the treatment of depression. It is going to be marketed under the brand name "Viibryd." It acts as an SSRI (see blog dated June 27, 2010 for an explanation of SSRIs), plus modifies a serotonin receptor which may provide enhanced benefits. There is already [...]

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Chronic Unpredictable Stress and the Genetics of Depression

Another finding has just been published strengthening the association between genetics -- factors we inherit from our parents -- and depression. This study demonstrated a doubling of the activity of a particular gene in people with a history of depression compared to those without depression. There was also an increase in the activity of this [...]

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Caffeine, Depression, and Anxiety

Caffeine is a stimulant. This means it can make people feel more awake and alert. Other effects caused by activating the nervous system can include an increase in heart rate and feeling shaky. Caffeine works by blocking the docking station, or receptor, on nerve cells for the chemical Adenosine. Adenosine is a constituent of the [...]

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