Dr. Ranen, the best Baltimore Psychiatrist, treats a wide variety of psychiatric conditions ranging from specific stress-related issues to more severe types of depression and anxiety.
Specific treatment areas include:

Medication Management

Dr. Ranen is an expert in Psychopharmacology. The judicious use of modern medication can be employed for symptom relief or to treat any underlying condition. Selective non-prescription supplements may also be recommended.


Assessment of current problems, past problems, symptom inventory, past and current stressors, all possible contributing factors, interpersonal stress/conflicts, family history, medical history, assessment of psychological and cognitive domains, assessment for any specific psychiatric diagnosis, assessment for any possible chemical imbalance, psychological and cognitive testing as indicated, laboratory tests as needed, assessment for whether counseling, medication, or both would be most appropriate.

Genetic Testing

Dr. Ranen now offers Genetic Testing to harness advances in personalized medicine.  The tests consists of screening multiple genes that will provide information about how you might respond to specific medication options for your specific genetic make-up.  The process includes explaining and reviewing the test with you, and obtaining a swab of the inside of your cheek to obtain genetic material.  The results are available within about a week.  At a follow-up appointment, Dr. Ranen will review the report and discuss treatment options that are tailored to your genetic profile.

Counseling (Psychotherapy)

Dr. Ranen uses a variety of different forms of counseling and psychotherapy as indicated and tailored to each individual patient’s needs.

This may include supportive or practical/problem-solving approaches to cope with stressors, exploration and modification of unhelpful thinking patterns or behaviors (cognitive-behavioral therapy), exploration of past issues or events and how they may be contributing to current problems, or interpersonal therapy.